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MBT 9600 Four Wire Modem for SEL Mirrored-Bits

Application specific features set the MBT9600 Four Modem apart from the conventional
 MBT 9600 11-6-2014 
high speed modems.  Its compact size and ease of installation make the MBT9600 an ideal,
low cost alternative to conventional audio tone teleprotection systems. 
The circuitry is
ideally suited for use over private networks such as conventional voice channels over
analog microwave.

The MBT9600 is also suitable for application in other voice frequenct systems which require
enviromentally hardened, dedicated four wire modems.  The MBT9600 meets or exceeds
all applicable ANSI/IEEE and IEC standards.


  • Compact - mounts directly onto DB-9 connectors
  • Serial port powered - no external power supplies
  • Auto configuring
  • Fast retrain times
  • Low Absolute 1 data delays
  • No user set-up required


Data Rates: 9600 bps
Absolute delay1: <12ms @ 9600 bps
Retrain Time: Typically < 1.4 Sec.
Dimensions .75"(1.90cm) x 1.25"(3.18cm) x 3.2"(8.13cm) Projection mount
Power Requirements +5 Vdc from pin 1 of the DB 9 connector < 125 milliamps
Impedance: 600 Ohms
Levels: Transmit -9 dBm
Receive -9 to -30 dBm
Audio Bandwidth: 300 - 3400 Hz (4 wire circuit)
Minimum SNR: 27 dB @ 9600 bps
Conditioning: C4 conditioning is required for leased circuits
Temperature Range: -40 to +85C
EMI: IEEE C37.90.2 / IEC 1000-2-2
Dielectric: ANSI C37.90 & C37.90.1 / IEC 1000-4-4 & IEC 255-22-1
ESD: IEC 1000-4-2

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