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RF Hybrids-Overview

AMETEK Hybrid Types

  • Two types of 1-RU height hybrids (new style): Balanced and Skewed
Hybrid Revised 1  

  • Three types of 2-RU height hybrids (old style): H1RB, H3XB & H1SB-R

  Hybrid June 2016
 All RF 
  •  2RU Hybrids: Up to 3 hybrids can be mounted on a 19" wide 2 RU blank plate all connections and test points face to the rear. The hybrids extend back behind the mounting plate only about 5".
  • 1RU Hybrids: Up to 4 hybrids can be mounted in a 19" wide 1 RU chassis with all connections in the rear but with all test points on the front of the chassis. The chassis extends back the same depth as a UPLC/UPLC-II chassis and slightly more than a TC-10B/TCF-10B chassis.  This facilitates easy testing and wiring connections. All hybrids slide into rear slots in the chassis.  The hybrid chassis can be ordered with projection mounting as an option.

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