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TCF-10B FSK Power Line Carrier-Overview

Self-adjusting Receiver 
This unit is pin-for-pin compatible with the previous TC-10B/ TCF-10B design, performs the same functions, and is easier to adjust! This enhancement with backward compatibility is proof of our commitment to stay on the leading edge of Power Line Carrier technology for our customers' benefit.

Receiver Features:

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology. Considerably reduces number of components for greater reliability. Switches select bandwidth for TC-10B and TCF-10B and shift for the TCF-10B receiver.
  • Automatic adjustment of receiver margin to 15 dB, ± 5 dB in 1 dB steps via front panel accessible pushbuttons. This greatly reduces setup and maintenance time and the possibility for errors
  • Continuous four digit LED frequency readout.
  • Carrier level indicator uses easy-to-read LED bargraph display.
  • Frequency programming uses front panel accessible pushbuttons over a 30-535 kHz range without changing filters. Permits setting frequency without removing the module or purchasing filters.
  • No instruments required to set the receiver module.
  • One module replaces two modules (Receiver/Detector & CLI for TC-10B or Receiver/Discriminator & CLI for TCF-10B).
  • Front end analog and digital filtering provides superior bandwidth selectivity.
  • Optimum receiver sensitivity maintained.
  • Fits into existing chassis, even those shipped under the Westinghouse or ABB nameplates.
  • Older receiver units easily upgraded in the field.

New Voice Adapter

  • Works with new Self-Adjusting Receiver.
  • Works with old voice adapters at remote end of line.
  • Improved voice quality over previous versions.
  • Built-in signaling alarm for ringing.



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