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TR-100+ Digital Fault Recorder-Overview

The AMETEK TR-100+ is a fully featured Digital Fault Recorder with the capability to capture and analyze short transient events, longer-term disturbances and trend input quantities such as RMS, frequency, harmonics, power and power factor.


  • Transient fault recorder - post fault anaylsis to verify protection and circuit breaker operations, fault clearance times and distance to fault
  • Disturbance recorder - extended recording and logging for slow disturbances and steady state RMS values, harmonics and optional real poer and power factor
  • Power quality monitor - voltage and frequency profiles, voltage dips and surges, loss of supply, and harmonic content
  • Fault locator - calculates distance to fault based on configurable line model
  • Real time monitor - view analog, digital inputs and computed values in near real time
  • On-line switchgear monitor - Used to identify condition based service time for switchgear by accumulating contact wear

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