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3200 Series Draft Range Differential Pressure Transmitter

The DR3200 measures liquid, gas, air and vapor differential pressures across a range adjustable from 0-1inch (Consult Factory) to 0-2 to 0-5 inches (Standard) of water column. The DR3200 is accurate to +/-0.25% of calibrated span with repeatability of +/-0.1% at maximum span. It is ideally suited for such applications as pressure drop across filter banks; positive atmospheric pressure differentials in clean rooms, computer rooms and air flows in conjunction with venturi tubes through large ventilating and air conditioning systems. Key performance characteristics of the DR3200 are:

  • Standard Pressure Range from 0-2 to 0-5 inches W.C.
  • Standard Zero Suppression/Elevation of +/-60% (for greater Zero Suppression/Elevation Consult Factory)
  • Maximum Static Pressure and Over Pressure to either port of 10 psi
  • Response Time of >800 msec to <1.2 sec (Consult Factory)
  • Accuracy: <+/-0.25% of Factory Calibrated Span
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