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PD/PDG 3218 Nuclear Remote Seal Differential Pressure Transmitter-Overview

The PD3218 transmitter is designed with Hastelloy diaphragms for superior corrosion resistance. The transmitter is constructed of all welded 316SS--capillary and electronics. This design enables the use of small bore, thick walled capillary to minimize oil volume and subsequent thermal errors due to oil expansion or contraction. The sensor can withstand static pressure and over pressures to 2000 psi. The sensing assembly is electrically isolated from the process media by an insulating glass seal. This prevents damage to the transmitter electronics caused by process borne electrical transients. The PD3218 is ideally suited for such applications as liquid level measurements, and flow measurements requiring flush or flange mounting. Key performance characteristics of the PD3218 are:

  • Basic Pressure Ranges from 0-30 inches W.C. to 0-1000 psid (all ranges with a 5:1 turndown ratio).
  • Capillary lengths up to 40 feet
  • Static accuracy better than +/-0.25% URL

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