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SC-7400 Signal Conditioners-Overview

The SC-7400 handles a variety of temperature and process inputs and offers combinations of analog and relay contact outputs. All parameters - such as input and output range, set-points, deadband and burnout - are customer-selectable via software.

Features and Benefits

  • One unit can be configured for any temperature and process input -- quick drop in replacement
  • Configurable analog and relay contact outputs
  • All input and output parameters are software configurable via easy to use Windows based software
  • Detachable field wiring from Din Mounting base makes for easy replacement
  • Universal power supply accepts variety of AC and DC power sources
Available Models:

  • SC-7401 Single Analog Output
  • SC-7402 Dual Analog Output
  • SC-7403 Single Alarm Output
  • SC-7404 Dual Alarm Output
  • SC-7405 Single Analog and Signal Alarm Output

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