AMETEK Introduces Smart-Gap

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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AMETEK Introduces Smart-Gap for Clearing Power Line Surges

Coral Springs, FL, U.S.A. – AMETEK Power Instruments, a recognized leader in power line communications for electric utilities, has announced the release of the Smart-Gap, a revolutionary product for clearing surges on power line carrier systems.

The Smart-Gap improves the performance and reliability of power line carrier communications by minimizing the impact of any surge-induced loss of carrier signal, also known as carrier holes.
The Smart-Gap operates faster than traditional spark-gap solutions, extinguishing surges in less than 0.5 msec. to minimize any signal loss.

The maintenance-free Smart Gap is an ideal replacement for gas discharge-tube or air-gap protection, which require regular maintenance. The Smart Gap’s compact size provides an easy retrofit into existing line tuners and coupling capacitor voltage transformers (CCVTs).

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