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8PC33 Exhaust Gas Thermocouple Cables

AMETEK Power Instruments' 8PC33 Exhaust Gas Thermocouple Cables have been designed, fully tested and qualified to meet OEM specifications for Frame 6, 7 and 9 applications. Power Instruments’ expertise in solving creep, stress rupture, corrosion, EMF drift, vibration, excess temperature and other issues affecting performance has resulted in a robust, highly reliable line of products to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Exhaust Gas Thermocouple Cables use flexible two conductor twisted shielded jacketed pair thermocouple cables with a circular connector termination. This allows for easy connect/disconnect during new install, retrofits or upgrades to any Frame Gas Turbine. Each cable is rated for operation ranges -20°C to 200°C.

AMETEK Power Instruments' metallic over-braid provides thermocouple cables the necessary protection from high heat environments, excessive vibration and sealed connections for washdown of turbines during servicing and overhaul. Contact us for more information on our extensive line of temperature products. 


  • OEM Qualified and approved
  • Sealed connector for turbine washdowns
  • Quick connect style for fast and easy installation during outages and overhauls
  • Metallic over-braid provides strong flexible protection and EMI shielding
  • AMETEK Power Instruments quality, OEM experience and worldwide service and support