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SPECTRA BC11 IR and BC11 UV Flame Sensor


The SPECTRA™ BC (burner control) sensors are extremely robust, compact, solid-state optical flame sensors that offer a host of features and provide maximum performance and reliability. SPECTRA flame sensors feature IR or UV detectors making them suitable for a wide variety of fuels, including coal, oil and gas.  

These units are 100% solid-state which enable the SPECTRA BC11 to be among the most compact industrial flame sensors available. There are no tubes or shutters to fail. Installation is simplified as the loop powered design only requires a single twisted pair cable for wiring connections. The 4-20 mA analog output provides direct connection to burner management systems eliminating the need for separate signal conditioners. High-temperature electronics enables the sensor to function at elevated operating temperatures.

SPECTRA BC11 sensors help improve burner efficiency, reduce NOx emissions, and improve operating safety. The sensors are ideal for difficult to diagnose burner applications such as incinerators, process heaters, kilns and package boilers. 

Features and Benefits

  • Fuel versatility - natural gas, fuel oils, coal and waste gas
  • Wavelength sensitivity - UV, VIS and IR
  • Rapid response time - enables immediate system shutdown on flame out
  • Reliability - indicates flame out condition
  • Burner efficiency - 4-20 mA output proportional to flame intensity
  • Flexibility - mounts on any burner with standard NPT pipe fittings
  • Simplicity - two-wire loop powered installation
  • Certifications - meets FM requirements for Flame Standard and Class I Div. 2 electrical safety