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SPECTRA GT30 Gas Turbine Flame Sensor

Spectra GT30


The SpectraTM GT30 is easily mounted directly to the turbine case or on a short standoff pipe via a 3/4 inch NPT internal thread. The two-wire, 24 VDC loop-powered solid-state sensor is fully self-contained, therefore it does not require a separate amplifier. AMETEK offers various cabling options depending on the application.


For turbine retrofits and upgrades, the sensor can be connected directly to a control system, through a relay module or with a frequency converter to mimic the older technology pulse output style.


  • Fuel Versatility - high output performance with natural gas, fuel oils, and waste gas
  • Detects Wide UV Spectrum—provides strong output even during water or steam injection
  • Hermetically Sealed - helps ensure sensor reliability and long life
  • Flexibility - can be mounted to any gas turbine using standard NPT pipe thread
  • Fast Response Time - ensures rapid fuel shutoff during flame out
  • Brazed Window Assembly - protects sensor from extremely high process pressures
  • High Temperature Electronics - enables sensor to function at higher operating temperatures
  • Compact Design - enables sensor to fit in even the tightest locations
  • Wide Dynamic Range - dual gain amplifier with saturation limiting circuitry
  • Analog Output - no separate amplifier to worry about
  • 100% Solid-State - no tubes or shutters to fail
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