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To support its broad line of industry-leading products, AMETEK Power Instruments operates an extensive sales and service network with locations in key regions of the world such as the US, UK and Asia. 

On-site training programs are continuously provided to offer hands-on experience with products, operation and maintenance. This training ensures the most effective use of AMETEK products. 

Electric power generation is a major market segment for AMETEK Power Instruments. We are a leader in advanced engine sensors and monitoring systems for gas turbines used in electric power generation. AMETEK is also a long-time supplier of temperature, speed, cable harness, and flame sensor products used by the electric and nuclear power industries. Read more...


LPA-2 50/100W Linear Power Amplifier

AMETEKs LPA-2 50/100W Linear Power Amplifier is the next generation high-power amplifier for Power Line Carrier (PLC) communications adding features and efficiency superior to previous designs using the latest technology. 

The LPA-2 50/100W can be used in normal applications to boost system dependability by significantly improving the possibility of the PLC signal not being lost during a high noise event. 

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