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JEMStar II High Accuracy Meter

AMETEKs JEMStar II has the highest accuracy in the market, provides several communication options and monitors power quality, making it the ideal choice for all metering applications. An impressive color display makes it easy to view power measurements, phasor displays and meter diagnostics.

Now CAISO and ERCOT approved

The meter's precision design provides high accuracy with long-term stability, guaranteeing 0.05% accuracy for 10 years and a low current accuracy better than 0.2% RDG at 50 mA. When compared to other meters, the JEMStar II can provide more than $13K per year of unaccounted revenue.

Communications to the meter can be made to seven different ports including a dual Ethernet port with independent IP addresses for additional security when using private networks. The meter is NERC CIP compliant with username/password access required per meter function and audit logs to track any access to the meter.

The JEMStar II Configuration Software is so easy to use that most customers can learn the basics of configuring a meter in one hour. The meter has a color graphical display with a user menu that allows quick changes to the meter configuration without connecting to a PC.

  • One GB of non-volatile memory to store metering and power quality data
  • Up to seven communication ports: Optical, (3) serial, analog modem and (2) independent IP addressable Ethernet: supports a variety of metering protocols including DNP, Modbus, JEM binary, ANSI tables and IEC-61850
  • Graphic color display and user menu
  • 6 Channel Digital Input/output and 4 Channel Analog Input/output
  • NERC CIP compliant