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HYBRID Series Exhaust Gas Thermocouples

Hybrid Exhaust Gas Temperature Thermocouple

The AMETEK Hybrid Series Exhaust Gas Thermocouples for Frame 7 and 9 applications have been designed, fully tested and qualified to meet OEM specifications. AMETEK has worked closely with the OEM turbine manufacturer to qualify and engine test this thermocouple as a direct replacement, or for upgrading an older style Exhaust Gas Thermocouple.

These OEM qualified Hybrid Exhaust Gas Thermocouples have the connection head extended away from the radiation shield. This reduces the mass and energy level generated by the excessive vibration that is experienced during low loading conditions and increases the yield strength and life of this probe. The Hybrid Thermocouple does not rely on a seat within the radiation shield to ensure the proper insertion length into the airstream. The fixed insertion length and heavy oversheath allows this thermocouple to be easily installed and no longer susceptible to tip fretting. Extending the connectors away from the cutout and placing them in a lower temperature area on top of the blanket allows the advantages of the connectors to still be experienced, including being able to reuse existing connection cables.


  • Increase gas turbine availability
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Hermetically sealed to ensure a long product life and continuous accuracy
  • Reuses the existing connection cables
  • OEM qualified
  • Field tested