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8TC70 Series Spring/Non-Spring-Loaded Thermocouple Probe

8TC70 Spring/Non-Spring-Loaded Thermocouple Probe

The AMETEK Power Instruments 8TC70 Series of immersed thermocouples are OEM qualified for use in the gas turbines of Frame 6, 7 and 9 applications. They use a hermetically sealed connector to provide protection against degradation when monitoring oil and fuel temperatures within the turbine. Available in either spring-loaded or non-spring-loaded configuration, our thermocouples are ready to withstand the harsh and corrosive environments while effectively and accurately monitoring temperature. 

The non-spring-loaded thermocouple is specifically designed for direct immersion mounting while maintaining constant contact with the substance being monitored during operation. The spring-loaded design is manufactured to fit perfectly inside a thermowell installed on the turbine to optimize accuracy when measuring temperature. The thermowell acts as a protective barrier to the sensor to keep the sensor free from harmful substances that can degrade the life of it. The spring-loaded design allows the thermocouple to move within the thermowell as needed to ensure constant contact is maintained while monitoring the temperature. While the time response is slower when utilizing a thermowell, it is a vital part of the construction that allows the sensor to be immersed in high temperatures with corrosive materials. 

The 8TC70 uses a 1/4" sheath diameter made of 321SST with a 2-conductor Type K junction. Its 260°C hermetically sealed connector is attached to its seamless shaft design, isolating itself from any environmental effects that could degrade it. Manufactured and tested on base and peak load operation, it meets the requirements of ASTM E608 and E585 with an accuracy of 1.1°C or 0.4%. 


  • OEM Qualified
  • Available in spring or non-spring-loaded configurations
  • Spring-loaded design allows movement of the T/C to maintain constant contact with the thermowell
  • Quick connect style connector allows for faster installation and removal
  • Hermetically sealed connector
  • Available in either SST or Inconel Sheath material