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BB Focus

BB Focus

The Perfect Upgrade for Mission Critical Multiplexing

AMETEK's BB FOCUS uses packetized multiplexing technology running at gigabit Ethernet speeds over dedicated fiber optic networks. New switching technology negates the historical pitfalls of using Ethernet in critical communication applications. The system offers sub-50ms redundant-loop switching and truly predictable end-to-end delay.

Latency in a given channel is nearly independent of the number of nodes between end terminals, with pass through delays of only a few microseconds, compared to the 125-plus microseconds required in T1, E1, SONET or SDH systems. Shorter delays lead directly to better performing and more reliable networks.

Rugged Design, Secure Interface
Like standard Focus T1/E1 multiplexers, the hardened BB FOCUS was designed to be immune to environmental variations seen in power substations and industrial environments.
The standard web browser interface allows parameters to be changed and data to be safely viewed from anywhere on the network. Password protection with data encryption keeps the interface information secure.

The administrative system also allows channel module-to-channel module mapping, without creating pass-through channel assignment at any in-between nodes.


Standards Compliance



  • Standard 4RU, 19" rack-mounted

Ambient Temperature

  • –30°C to +65°C

Power Supply

  • 48/60 Vdc, 110/125 Vdc/Vac, 220/250 Vdc/Vac

Remote Sensing & Control

  • Temperature and dc voltage, with alarm reporting
  • Diagnostics and test tone
  • Web browser GUI

Hardware Redundancy

  • System control logic (optional)
  • Power supply (optional)