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8PT15 Series Bearing Thermocouple

8PT15 Series Bearing Thermocouple

The AMETEK 8PT15 Series are OEM qualified bearing thermocouples designed specifically for monitoring the bearing temperature within the gas turbines of Frame 6, 7 and 9 applications. With a nickel-plated copper alloy "button" shaped design along with an environmental Stycast seal, you can be assured that they will operate efficiently in even the harshest environments. Their small footprint makes it easy to install and get as close to the bearing surface as possible.

8PT15 Series Bearing Thermocouples are critical for detecting issues within your turbine. You can utilize them to indicate bearing degradation and breakdown in the oil film they are monitoring the temperature in. They have a quick response time due to their small, compact size and specific design for direct immersion mounting to maintain constant contact with the surface that is being monitored. To provide reliable and accurate temperature measurement during turbine operation, the spring-loaded design maintains direct contact with the surface under measurement. When a rise in bearing temperature is detected, you can initiate a planned outage to improve the operation. 

Our bearing thermocouples use 20 AWG Teflon insulated wires with a 2-conductor type K thermocouple junction. The transition tube is environmentally sealed with a high temperature potting compound designed to form a moisture seal for the internal components and is rated to 260°C. These thermocouples meet ASTM E230 requirements with an accuracy of 2.2°C or 0.75%.


  • OEM Qualified
  • Fast time response measurement
  • Epoxy sealed to withstand high temperatures
  • Available in Spring or Non-Spring-Loaded configurations
  • Single or dual junction connection
  • NEC Class 1 DIV 1 & 2, Group B, C & D atmosphere and/or IECEx Zone 1 or Zone 2 area