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UCBS Standalone Checkback

UCBS Standalone Checkback
The Universal Checkback Standalone System (UCBS) provides periodic testing of "ON-OFF" carrier sets other than the TC-10B and the UPLC/UPLC-II (which incorporate this same checkback tester internally). The UCBS determines the functionality of the complete channel including the transmitters, receivers and associated coupling equipment. Periodic testing is required for the normally "off" channel, to provide warning of signal deterioration prior to needing it for relaying, The UCBS facilitates automatic testing of the channel at preset intervals. The UCBS is totally field programmable.  All programming is done with a computer using the RS232 serial port or limited factory settings with switches on the Checkback module.  Front panel LEDs indicate the factory or custom setting applied and the status of alarms.

Test Intervals

  • Settable between 1 and 120 hours or at up to 4 specific times per day
Input voltage level

  • 15 to 300 Vdc

Tests initiated by

  • Automatically via settable internal timer
  • Voltages applied via supervisory control
  • Manually via the front panel
5 Alarm/Status Outputs


The UCBS is supplied in a modular chassis containing two plug-in modules and a "motherboard" with rear-mounted terminal blocks.


  • Chassis 3 inches wide by 5.75 inches tall (3RU)
  • Optional 19 inch rack or 19 inch adapter plate available

  • Rear-mounted terminal blocks