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AN-6150 Modular Display Unit

AN 6150 Modular Display

The Model AN-6150 is a compact, cellular display unit which allows a wide variety of customer configurations. Any combination of four standard window sizes can be accommodated in each cell. These cells can be configured in any matrix up to 6 high and 6 wide. The single module is designed to DIN 2.84" x 5.67" standard.

The AN-6150 Modular Display Unit is suitable for panel mounting. Six window colors are available which can be back lighted by incandescent lamps. Alternatively, LED lamps are available to meet long life requirements. Legends are laser printed on standard transparency film for easy field changes by the customer. Push-button membrane switches can also be added for Silence, Test, Acknowledge and Reset functions. These units come standard with flush panel mounting brackets and terminal block connections. Please refer to ordering information for additional options.

Features and Benefits

  • Low Cost Visual Display
  • Configurable in 4 Standard Window Sizes
  • Laser Printed Legends
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Data Sheets +

  • Operation Manuals +