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Communications Products

  • UPLC 2
    UPLC-ll Universal Power Line Carrier

    The most economical medium for protective relay communications! As with our previous UPLC power-line carrier design, UPLC-II requires no hardware modifications for most required configurations.

  • RF Hybrid
    RF Hybrids

    AMETEK Hybrid Types :Two types of 1-RU height hybrids (new style): Balanced and Skewed Hybrid Revised 1. Three types of 2-RU height hybrids (old style): H1RB, H3XB & H1SB-R

  • Smart Gap Product Image
    Smart Gap - PLC Fast Clearing Protective Gap

    The Smart-Gap improves the performance and reliability of your Power Line Carrier Communications by minimizing the impact of any surge induced loss of carrier signal, also known as carrier holes. The Smart-Gap operates faster than traditional Spark Gap solutions, extinguishing surges in less than 0.5 msec. to minimize any signal loss. 

  • LPA 2 Product Image
    LPA-2 50/100W Linear Power Amplifier

    The LPA-2 is the next generation high-power amplifier for Power Line Carrier Communications and adds features and efficiency superior to all previous designs using latest technology.

  • UCBS Standalone Checkback
    UCBS Standalone Checkback

    The Universal Checkback Standalone System (UCBS) provides periodic testing of "ON-OFF" carrier sets other than the TC-10B and the UPLC/UPLC-II (which incorporate this same checkback tester internally).

  • BB Focus
    BB Focus

    The Perfect Upgrade for Mission critical Multiplexing. AMETEK's BB FOCUS uses packetized multiplexing technology running at gigabit Ethernet speeds over dedicated fiber optic networks.

  • Focus T1 Multiplexer
    FOCUS T1/E1 Multiplexers

    FOCUS provides a flexible package for multiplexing virtually any type of signal or data directly onto fiber optic cables.

  • Focus 88F Channel Module
    FOCUS/BBF Channel Modules/Interfaces

    Two-wire Voice (V2T, V2W, FXO, FXS) The V2W and V2T modules provide two-wire voice and modem communication between two locations.

  • MBT 9600
    MBT 9600 Four Wire Modem for SEL Mirrored-Bits

    Application specific features set the MBT9600 Four Modem apart from the conventional high speed modems. Its compact size and ease of installation make the MBT9600 an ideal