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Communications Products

  • Universal Power-Line Carrier
    UPLC Universal Power-Line Carrier

    The most economical medium for protective relay communications! As with our previous power-line carrier designs, UPLC requires no hardware modifications for most required configurations.

  • BB Focus
    BB Focus

    The Perfect Upgrade for Mission critical Multiplexing. AMETEK's BB FOCUS uses packetized multiplexing technology running at gigabit Ethernet speeds over dedicated fiber optic networks.

  • Focus T1 Multiplexer
    FOCUS T1/E1 Multiplexers

    FOCUS provides a flexible package for multiplexing virtually any type of signal or data directly onto fiber optic cables.

  • Focus 88F Channel Module
    FOCUS/BBF Channel Modules/Interfaces

    Two-wire Voice (V2T, V2W, FXO, FXS) The V2W and V2T modules provide two-wire voice and modem communication between two locations.

  • TCF-10B Power-Line Carrier
    TCF-10B FSK Power-Line Carrier

    Self-adjusting Receiver. Pulsar's TCF-10B FSK Power Line Carrier is one of the most reliable and

  • TC-10B Power-Line Carrier
    TC-10B ON/OFF Power-Line Carrier

    Pulsar's TC-10B ON/OFF Power Line Carrier is one of the most reliable and economical choices available for pilot relaying and transfer trip applications

  • LPA 50/100 W Linear Power Amplifier
    LPA 50/100W Linear Power Amplifier

    LPA is the first-generation high-power amplifier for power line carrier communications.