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LM2500 T5.4 Exhaust Gas Thermocouple

Exhaust Gas Temperature Thermocouple

AMETEK is the original OEM for the T5.4 EGT. We supply the L44830P01, L44830P02 and L44830P03 probes for use on the LM2500, LM2500+ and LM5000 gas turbines. In addition to the EGT, we also provide rigid harness, T3 probes, cables and flexible harness for these engines. Ensure you get the highest quality by selecting OEM qualified parts to keep your engine running reliably.

Features and Benefits

  • Qualified through GE, P/N L44830P01
  • Eliminates the need for rigid thermocouple quadrants
  • Replacement of single probes results in lower component and maintenance costs and shorter turbine downtime cycles

OEM Qualified - ensures product has been fully tested and approved by the turbine OEM.