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Smart Gap - PLC Fast Clearing Protective Gap

Smart Gap Product Image
Improve the performance and reliability of your PLC Communications

The Smart-Gap improves the performance and reliability of your Power Line Carrier Communications by minimizing the impact of any surge induced loss of carrier signal, also known as carrier holes. The Smart-Gap operates faster than traditional Spark Gap solutions, extinguishing surges in less than 0.5 msec. to minimize any signal loss.

Surges on the power lines cause havoc for power line communications and the typical spark gap solutions used today don’t clear fast enough and reliably enough to prevent these carrier holes. 

These communication interruptions can cause miss-operations in protective relay systems resulting in over trips on DCB (blocking) systems, delayed trips in POTT or DTT systems, or false permission to trip in DCUB (unblock) systems. The revolutionary Smart-Gap product prevents the impact of these carrier holes by quickly clearing the surge to minimize any communication interruption.

The maintenance free Smart Gap is an ideal replacement for gas discharge tube or air gap protection which require regular maintenance.  The Smart Gap’s compact size provides an easy retrofit into existing line tuners and CCVTs.


Fast clearing – less than 0.5 msec.
• Significantly reduces carrier holes
• Retrofits existing spark gap
• Improves carrier communication reliability
• Robust design - maintenance free

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