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ET-1200 Trip Alarms

ET-1200 Trip Alarm

The ET-1200 series of electronic alarms and trip units with signal inputs consisting of: current, voltage, thermocouple and RTD.

Features and Benefits:

  • Full family of dedicated function trip alarms
  • Adjustable or fixed deadbands
  • AC power standard, other ranges available
  • Simple, easy to use and adjust

Available Models:

  • ET-1200 L/U Single trip AC current/voltage alarm
  • ET-1202 L/U Dual trip AC current/voltage alarm
  • ET-1205 Dual trip thermocouple/millivolt alarm
  • ET-1208 Single trip thermocouple/millivolt alarm, adjustable deadband
  • ET-1214 Single trip DC current/voltage alarm
  • ET-1215 Dual trip DC current/voltage alarm
  • ET-1218 Single trip DC current/voltage alarm, adjustable deadband
  • ET-1219 Dual trip DC current/voltage alarm, adjustable deadband
  • ET-1228 Single trip DC current/voltage deviation alarm, adjustable, deadband
  • ET-1234 Failsafe single trip DC current/voltage alarm
  • ET-1235 Failsafe dual trip DC current/voltage alarm
  • ET-1275 Dual trip RTD alarm
  • ET-1278 Single Trip RTD alarm, adjustable deadband
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