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LPA-2 50/100W Linear Power Amplifier

LPA 2 Product Image

The LPA-2 is the next generation high-power amplifier for Power Line Carrier Communications and adds features and efficiency superior to all previous designs using the latest technology. It offers flexibility plus user-friendliness on its input and output such that it can be used with any power line carrier system. Two 50W units can be combined for a 100W output and to provide redundancy.

Although primarily used in applications where the attenuation from end-to-end is higher than the normal 10W amplifier can handle, the LPA-2 can be used in normal applications to boost system dependability by significantly improving the possibility of the PLC signal not being lost during a high noise event.

Modern design makes the LPA-2 able to protect itself against shorts or open circuits on its coax cable output as well as against being overdriven on its input. Once the issue is removed it will automatically recover without damage to the unit.



  • Space saving 2-RU 50W design/4-RU 100W design
  • Improved efficiency for lower heat
  • Automatic overload protection/robust design
  • Convenient front LED status, adjustor, and test points
  • Optional built-in skewed hybrid
  • Standard 50Ω short-term 100W load built-in for testing
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