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FOCUS T1/E1 Multiplexers

Focus T1 Multiplexer

FOCUS provides a flexible package for multiplexing virtually any type of signal or data directly onto fiber optic cables. Electrical interfaces to higher order multiplexing schemes such as M13, SDH or SONET (OC-3, OC-12, etc.) are also available. FOCUS drop and insert networks will work effectively with any combination of mixed communication links such as 1300/1550 nm single-mode fiber optics, SDH, SONET and digital microwave. This allows easy integration into existing systems. The drop and insert feature also improves channel conservation and eliminates the need for back-to-back channel banks. FOCUS offers four T1/E1 ports in one chassis, which can be fiber optic, electrical or a combination of both. Both features enhance the application of FOCUS for looped networks and loops with spurs.


  • Full 24/30-PCM channel capability in one 3RU high, 19" wide chassis
  • Fiber optic and metallic T1/E1 interfaces
  • Specifically designed for the substation environment
  • Combines voice, SCADA and protective relay channels
  • Hardware flexibility provided by modular construction with position-independant channel interfaces
  • 100% software configurable with PC-based GUI software
  • Compatible with AT&T® standard higher level digital multiplexers (PDH, M12, M13, etc)
  • Compatible with SONET/SDH (OC-3, OC-12, STM-1, STM-3, etc)
  • True non-blocking drop and insert capability for up to four ports (E,W,N,S)
  • Fully software configurable (no DIP switches or jumpers)
  • High reliability through the use of VLSI components and conservative design techniques
  • Designed to meet current and future substation communication requirements
  • SWC, fast transient and RFI tests per applicable standards
  • Self-testing diagnostics
  • System fault recognition and isolation
  • In-service repair capabilities
  • -20° to +65°C operation


  • Redundant power supply (can mix voltages within same chassis if different power sources are available)
  • Remote node configuration software - full remote programming of systems and channel modules
  • Alternate path mode software
  • Four-fiber hot- standby ring
  • Party line order wire service voice channel
  • Traditional hot-standby protected optics

Channel Interfaces

  • Two-wire Voice (V2T, V2W, FXO, FXS)
  • Four-wire Voice (V4W)
  • Protective Relay Interface (PRI-A, PRS-A)
  • Prot. Relay, Multi-drop (PRI-M, PRS-M)
  • Contact Transfer (CTR)
  • Low-Speed Data (232)
  • Current Differential (HCB, SPD)
  • High-Speed Data (64R, 64V, 64G)
  • Party Line Data (PLD)
  • Sub-rate Data, RS232, RS485 (SRD-2, SRD-4, SRD-4N)
  • ANSI C37.94 (6NF)
  • N x 64k, V.35 (6NV)
  • N x 64k, RS449 (6NR)
  • Ethernet Bridge (6NE)
  • Data Channel Unit (DCU)