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P&QR Power & Quality Recorder

P&QR Power and Quality Recorder

OBSOLETE, please see replacements TR-3000 & DR-300. AMETEK Power Instruments will still offer support for the P&QR.

The P&QR performs several functions in one:

  • Power quality monitor--measures voltage and frequency profiles, voltage dips and surges, loss or supply, harmonic content, flicker, voltage and current imbalance
  • Transient fault recorder--analog inputs are sampled at up to 128 samples per cycle with a maximum record length of 2 seconds
  • Disturbance Recorder/Logger--analog inputs are sampled at up to 2 samples per cycle with RMS measurements recorded up to one minute
  • Trend Recording--input and computed quantities are logged as maximum, minimum and average quantities every minute for up to 16 weeks.
  • Remote Capabilities-via Ethernet or modem, and the process can be automated using the record's Auto-Call or Auto-Poll features.
  • Software--wide range of application software for communicating, configuring, downloading, displaying and analyzing recorded data. Auto-poll/Call automates the complete process of retrieving your recorded data.


  • Channel input: 4 voltage 4 current
  • 14 bit recording
  • 8 MB internal memory; 6.4 GB hard disk
  • Measures waveform faults, voltage dips and surges, harmonics, flicker and imbalance
  • Communications via RS232 serial port and optional Internal modem and Ethernet
  • Powerful P&Qs software for communications and analysis

  • Affordable fault and power quality recording
  • Determine the lowest possible price for power, pays for itself in savings
  • Large memory capacity allows for long surveys or short concentrated data collection
  • RFI rejection minimizes the effects of outside interference
  • Isolates problems with waveform recording
  • Packaged for 19" rack mounting, wall mount enclosure and portable configurations
  • Meets regulatory compliances including PRC-002-2
  • Data Sheets +

  • Operation Manuals +