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Model 910 Annunciator

Model 910 Annunciator

The PANALARM Model 910 is a compact ten-point annunciator that meets DIN 43700 standard dimensions. A complete integral package includes an LED display, power supply, pushbuttons, two relays (output reflash and common audible). Optional integral horn is also available. The Model 910 offers a unique combination of economy and small size using microchip I² logic. It has normally open/normally closed field contact selectability with ten input points on one logic card. Operational sequences are field selectable; choose from seven available sequences.

Features and Benefits

  • LED Display
  • Audible (Optional)
  • Control Pushbuttons
  • Power Supply
  • Output Reflash Relay
  • Relay for External Audible
  • Ten Alarm Points on One Card
  • Dedicated I² Logic IC Per Point
  • NO/NC Signal Contacts
  • DIN 43700 Standard
  • Seven Operational Sequences
  • Data Sheets +

  • Operation Manual +