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8PT25 Spring/Non-Spring-Loaded Thermocouple

8PT25 Thermocouple

The AMETEK 8PT25 Spring/Non-Spring-Loaded Thermocouples have been designed, fully tested and qualified to meet OEM specifications for Frame 6, 7 and 9 applications. Power Instruments’ expertise in solving creep, stress rupture, corrosion, EMF drift and other issues affecting sensor performance has resulted in a robust line of single and dual element thermocouple designs. This thermocouple is immersed directly into the turbine fluid to monitor temperature while in operation.

Power Instruments Thermocouples use 20 AWG stranded teflon insulated wire that is an ungrounded Class 2 thermocouple. The ½” MNPT threaded fitting allows for easier installation and maintenance for new installs, retrofits or upgrades to any Frame Gas Turbine engine. The seamless 316SS grade sheath material provides protection against all types of elements that could cause the sensor to fail during operation.

Each thermocouple is rated for operation ranges -20°C to 200°C. Design properties are type K configuration with MgO insulation and seamless stainless-steel sheathing. The thermocouple probe tips and terminations are hermetically sealed against exposure to operational environments and have been qualified to ASTM E585 and ASTM E608 standards with a leak rate of less than 1x10-6cc/sec.


  • OEM Qualified
  • Connection heads are ATEX certified and/or CSA/CE approved
  • Variety of OEM qualified connection head styles for normal and high temperature applications
  • Available in cast iron or aluminum style connection head configuration
  • Threaded fitting allows for quick installation/removal of thermocouple
  • Designed life expectancy of 450 cycles (24,000 operating hours)
  • Withstand environmental conditions like dirt, sand, soot, gases and other moistures