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RF Hybrids

RF hybrids are used for combining multiple power line carrier (PLC) TX/RX units together onto one cable without causing interference between transmitters and receivers. They are also used for splitting PLC signals to go to two or three phases of a power line.

AMETEK Hybrid Types

  • Two types of 1-RU height hybrids (new style): Balanced and Skewed


  • Three types of 2-RU height hybrids (old style): H1RB, H3XB & H1SB-R

Hybrids: 2-RU Old Style versus 1-RU New Style
2-RU Hybrid (old style)
 Replacement 1-RU Hybrid (new style)
H1RB Resistive Hybrid1 
6266D72G05 or G07
Balanced Hybrid
 H3XB Reactive Hybrid
 No replacement
use old style
 H1SB-R Skewed Hybrid1 
 Skewed Hybrid

RF Coax Connections (all female connectors unless noted)
Port 2-RU Types (Old Style)   1-RU Types (New Style)
   H1RB H3XB  H1SB-R  Balanced  Skewed 
 Input 1  BNC BNC BNC  BNC  BNC 
 Input 2 BNC  BNC  BNC  BNC  BNC 
 Output  BNC (male) UHF  UHF  BNC2   BNC2
2Optional accessory available for converting to a UHF if desired

Specs  2-RU Types (Old Style)  1-RU Types (New Style)
 Type H1RB H3XB H1SB-R  Balanced  Skewed 
 Frequency Range  30-535 kHz 30-535 kHz3
 30-535 kHz 30-535 kHz 30-535 kHz 
 Max Power for TXs 15 watts 15 watts  100 watts  25 watts  100 watts 
 Output Impedance  50   44-75   50 or 75   50 or 75   50 
 Insertion Loss - Max  3.5 dB 3.5dB TX: 1 dB
RX: 13 dB 
3.5dB  TX: 0.5 dB
RX: 14.5 dB 
 Isolation Loss4  30 dB min 45 dB min3   40 dB min  30 dB min  40 dB min
3Frequency range limited for Isolation Spec for H3XB type only
4With  exact impedance matching

Physical mounting requirements:

  • 2-RU Hybrids: Up to 3 hybrids can be mounted on a 19” wide 2 RU blank plate and all connections and test points face to the rear.  The hybrids extend back behind the mounting plate only about 5”.

  • 1-RU Hybrids: Up to 4 hybrids can be mounted in a 19” wide 1 RU chassis with all connections in the rear but with all test points on the front of the chassis. The chassis extends back the same depth as a UPLC/UPLC-II chassis and slightly more than a TC-10B/TCF-10B chassis. This facilitates easy testing and wiring connections. All hybrids slide into rear slots in the chassis. The hybrid chassis can be ordered with projection mounting as an option.