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LL-230 Load Logger

LL-230 Load Logger

AMETEK Load Loggers* and Load Profilers are non-invasive digital recording loggers for gathering data on distribution loads and power quality. Whether the data is from a load site or direct from the distribution system, the AMETEK Load Management products are easy to install, operate and analyze.

Data from the AMETEK Distribution Monitoring products can be used for:

  • Submetering / Cost accounting
  • Improving power quality
  • Monitoring effectiveness of load tap changers/voltage regulators
  • Monitoring of peak transformer loading
  • Monitoring effect of (or need for) capacitors
  • Load growth analysis
  • Recording peak load values and times
  • Analyzing time-of-day load fluctuations
  • Load imbalance studies (EMF)
  • Accurate and complete data for distribution modeling programs
  • Fuse sizing
  • Theft-of-service studies
  • Replacing substation chart recorders
  • Data Sheets +

  • Operation Manuals +