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LPA 50/100W Linear Power Amplifier

LPA 50/100 W Linear Power Amplifier


The LPA is our first-generation high-power amplifier for power line carrier communications and was obsoleted in 2018 by the LPA-2. The LPA has a lot of built-in redundancy as the 50W base unit (3RU) is composed of four 12.5W power amplifier boards whose outputs are combined in a combiner board to provide 50W output. Each set of two 12.5W power amplifier boards has its own power supply. Two 50W chassis (6RU) can be combined for a 100W output and to provide extra redundancy.

It amplifies signals equally over the whole frequency range of 30 – 500 kHz. Although primarily used in applications where the attenuation from end-to-end is higher than the normal 10W amplifier can handle, the LPA can be used in normal applications to boost system dependability by significantly improving the possibility of the PLC signal not being lost during a high noise event.



  • Built-in redundancy

  • No filters or changes required to cover 30 - 500 kHz frequency range

  • Can output full rated power continuously with no derating

  • Composed mostly of common boards used in TC/TCF-10B product line