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Monitoring Your Critical Utility Assets

For more than 50 years, our trusted brands have been providing real-time feedback for critical utility infrastructure. Over 25% of our team are engineers who serve an extensive fortune 500 client base, making us a global industry-leader for instruments and monitoring systems for the electric power generation and distribution industries. Let our world-class products take the worry out of monitoring your critical utility assets.

Fault Recorders

Our fault recorders are the only tool you need to capture and diagnose power system anomalies, including high speed transients and long-term system disturbances. The multiple recording modes and continuous transient oscillography ensure you never miss an event.

Revenue Meters

The JEMStar II meters are your cash register and fractions of a percent accuracy can mean a difference of thousands of dollars. Our precision design provides high accuracy with long term stability, making it easy to guarantee a 0.05% accuracy for 10 years. Our meter is CAISO and ERCOT approved and is available in an IEC version. 

Communications Products

Accommodate every type of pilot relaying and transfer tripping scheme with our Universal Power Line Carrier (UPLC-II). It includes features like protective relaying security, reflected power meter with frequency selectivity and a fast Ethernet front port. In addition to power line carriers (PLC), we can provide products that enhance the communication capabilities of a PLC.


Our award-winning annunciators allow control room alarms to be viewed both locally with standard LED illumination and remotely with a web browser. We have simplified their installation with a built-in power supply and software configuration tool.

Sequence of Events Recorder

The SERNET can be used as a stand-alone system or networked with multiple units that utilize a single web browser to display all alarms. It captures alarms to 1 millisecond precision in the sequence they occur across the entire system for quick determination of the root cause.

Flame Sensors

We offer UV and IR models designed for the gas turbine and burner/boil markets, which require units to perform under high temperature and vibration. Sensors interface with software that is easily programmable and provides real-time monitoring of three output relays.

Learn more about all our products and how we can solve your monitoring needs by visiting our product pages or contact us.


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