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Upgrade Your Gas Exhaust Thermocouple

Monday, August 1, 2022
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Is your frame 7 or 9 gas turbine application looking to upgrade your existing exhaust gas thermocouples? Well, look no further, the 8TR4C series exhaust gas thermocouple is the perfect replacement for aging or obsolete thermocouples. We designed the 8TR4C to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) qualifications, be quickly installed and it features continuous accuracy.

OEM Qualified

We worked closely with the gas turbine manufacturer to meet their qualifications and conducted thorough engine testing to ensure 8TR4C is a reliable replacement or upgrade for aging exhaust gas thermocouples. We construct our thermocouple with type K wire, MgO insulation and an Inconel sheath material to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Quick and Simple Installation

The compression fitting and bushing design allow for fast and easy replacement of the thermocouple. We manufacture our own line of complimentary connectorized cables for the 8TR4C that make installation foolproof and simple.

We’ve integrated a positive stop to ensure proper seating of the thermocouple within the radiation shield. The seating prevents the thermocouple from being installed too deeply into an air stream. This seating ensures the thermocouple measuring point is consistently in the exact same place in the airstream each time. Without this stop, the thermocouple is at risk for improper mounting which can cause it to prematurely wear out.

Continuous Accuracy and Product Longevity

After easy installation, the 8TR4C thermocouple operates with high accuracy due to the hermetic seal of the tip and junction box. The seal has been qualified to ASTM E1652 and has a leak rate of less than 1x10-6 cc/sec. The 8TR4C features a circular, channeled, connector that is mated to an anti-vibration fitting on the mating cables. This new connection reduces total errors and labor hours.

If you’re ready to discuss upgrading to our long-lasting, reliable exhaust gas thermocouple, contact us today.


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