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Never Miss a Power System Anomaly with Our Fault Recorders

Friday, July 1, 2022
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We know that it can be challenging to pick the perfect fault recorder for your facility when it plays such a vital role in making sure you never miss a power system anomaly. To help make your decision-making process easier, we’ve developed our systems to offer scalability and modularity in one of the most economical platforms on the market. So, why should you choose our Multi-Function Digital Fault Recorders?
  • Most Economical Platform Design
    • One chassis provides up to 96 Analog and 144 Digital inputs
    • We can expand your system hardware as required, which enables you to customize the number of both analog and digital inputs, add a redundant power supply, LVDC power supply, internal shunts module and an external Current Interface
  • Maximize Substation Rack Space
    • Multiple TR-3000s can occupy the space of one larger unit
    • There is no need for additional expensive racks
  • Best Return on Investment
    • Standard five-year warranty eliminates worries
    • Retrofits don’t require additional racks, ability to reuse what is already in place
  • Minimal Parts and Service Requirements
    • Modular design only requires three standardized parts
    • 100% fully software configurable via lab or remotely
    • No power down required, maintain system up-time and functionality
    • It takes just three minutes to replace an input module and your system will continue to collect data during it
  • Trusted, Field Proven Display Station Application
    • We utilize simple, straight forward software architecture eliminating the need for complicated and time-consuming training
  • Expert Support for Lifetime of Recorder
    • More than 50 years of experience with fault recorders
    • 24/7 product support from our factory-trained engineers
    • We can customize training programs to cover your specific needs

Convinced our dedication to quality-built fault recorders and customers makes us the right fit for your business? Contact your sales representative to start a conversation! Still thinking it over? No worries, learn more about our fault recorder options here. 


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