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Be Prepared when Disaster Strikes

Thursday, September 1, 2022
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September is National Preparedness Month in the United States and encourages both individuals and businesses to prepare for disasters. The utility you work for is no exception when they are a part of critical infrastructure for power. AMETEK Power Instruments’ advanced instruments and monitoring systems can help you be prepared to quickly detect and resolve an outage.

Our Digital Fault Recorder options are equipped with extensive triggering and recording capabilities that ensure you never miss an event. The flexible triggering options make it easy to capture a simple fault, high speed transients or uncover complex system anomalies. Independent of any of the triggers, the Transient Oscillography feature provides continuous waveform recording for up to four days to capture events that are too sensitive for the triggers or to extend your pre- and post-fault data record. Our systems can record high resolution data for longer durations with enough memory to give a complete view of the system disturbance.

For more than 100 years, the power industry has relied on power line carriers for critical circuits and protective relaying channels. The channel is used in line relaying so both ends of a circuit are cleared at high speed for all faults. The channel can also be used to provide remote tripping functions for transformer protection, shunt reactor protection and remote breaker-failure relaying. Our Universal Power Line Carrier (UPLC-II) is fully microprocessor controlled to provide automatic setting of the transmit output level and receiver sensitivity as well as monitoring the AM channel and sequence of events recording. The UPLC-II flexibility makes it well suited for any directional comparison blocking, permissive, phase comparison or transfer trip protective relay application.

Prepare your power generation and distribution facility for an emergency with our other best-in-class monitoring systems, click here to see them all or contact your local sales representative to discuss.


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