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Minimize Power Line Carrier Loss During A Surge

Monday, October 4, 2021
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Are you concerned about surge-induced loss of your carrier signal? Do you need to improve the performance and reliability of your Power Line Carrier (PLC) communications against these losses? Our Smart Gap is the perfect tool to minimize the loss of the carrier during a surge.

Interruptions in communication can cause miss-operations in protective relay systems resulting in over trips, delayed trips and false permission to trip. The revolutionary Smart Gap prevents the impact of surge-induced loss, also known as carrier holes, by quickly clearing the surge to minimize the communication interruption. Surges on the power lines can create havoc on their communications and the standard spark gap solutions used today can’t clear reliably and fast enough to prevent carrier holes. The Smart Gap operates faster by extinguishing surges in less than 0.5 milliseconds to minimize your signal loss. 

We’ve designed the Smart Gap to be maintenance free, which makes it an ideal replacement for gas discharge tube or air gap protection that requires regular maintenance. Its compact size provides an easy retrofit into existing line tuners and CCVTs. It also comes in a lower voltage option for use in line tuners and a higher voltage option for use in CCVTs.

To learn more about how our Smart Gap is more effective than the traditional spark gap while increasing your PLC communications performance and reliability, contact us.

Mounted Smart Gap 


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