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Industry Leading Electricity Meter

Monday, May 2, 2022
Tag : Meters

Are you looking for a better tool to help you manage your energy costs through analyzation of your electricity demand and optimization of your usage? We specialize in metering products used to measure and monitor the power that you generate or consume. The JEMStar II meter offers the highest measurement accuracies and most advanced tools for monitoring your power 24/7.

AMETEK Power Instruments’ JEMStar II is known as the ‘gold standard’ of all meters and can save you money by verifying your electricity bill with the highest accuracy available on the market, 0.05%. This accuracy ensures you were billed correctly and can warn you before you exceed peak demand thresholds that could impact your electricity cost. It can be used for load studies to optimize your usage to avoid high peaks which will influence your electricity rates. If co-generating your own power, it will help you maximize your revenue from electricity sent back to the grid.

In addition to verifying your electricity usage, JEMStar II simultaneously monitors your site for power quality. The meter will help identify whether the power quality condition is upstream or downstream from your monitoring site to help troubleshoot issues quickly. It will identify voltage sags and swells, harmonic issues, transients and other conditions that can impact the operation of your sensitive equipment. Your site conditions can be benchmarked during normal operation for comparison against power system anomalies.

Continuous recording of harmonics, flicker and other power measurements are provided in the 400 channel log with enough memory to store several months of data. Power quality data can automatically be exported for easy analysis with our software or third-party applications.

To learn more about the JEMStar II features that will help you optimize your electricity usage and monitor your power quality, contact us.


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