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JEMStar II's Advanced Power Quality Features

Monday, January 16, 2023
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The JEMStar II High Accuracy Meter offers a wide variety of features that make it an industry leader. One of the key things that sets JEMStar II apart from other meters are the advanced power quality capabilities.

It comes equipped with sag/swell/outage recordings that store the time, duration and site conditions. For advanced power quality analysis, there is an option to record high-speed RMS measurements and waveform data from pre-selected triggers. Triggers are provided for any instantaneous measurement, sub-cycle transients, outages, loss of phase and more. In addition to these triggers, the JEMStar II offers the ability to monitor rapid voltage change events that are often overlooked as they fall below the voltage sag/swell triggers.

The power quality data resides in a PQDIF file format on the meter. The file can be retrieved from the meter by using a web browser, through web-based messages via the cell modem or through serial communications (in addition to Ethernet). The file can automatically be exported for easy analysis with our software or third-party applications. Continuous recording of harmonics, flicker and other power measurements are provided in the 400-channel log with 1 GB of non-volatile memory, enough to store several months of data.

Our meters can be set up with a ‘PQ Ready’ option that provides all necessary hardware for a future upgrade to one of our advanced PQ options. Upgrading your existing meter can be done both locally or remotely through upgrade codes for a seamless transition.

If you’re interested in learning more about the JEMStar’s power quality features or upgrading your existing meter, please contact us


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