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Versatile Power Line Carriers

Tuesday, July 6, 2021
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For more than 100 years, the power industry has relied on power line carrier for their critical circuits. A Power Line Carrier (PLC) can be applied to transmission lines for protective relaying channels. The channel is used in line relaying so both ends of a circuit are cleared at high speed for faults, and it can also be used to provide remote tripping functions for transformer protection, shunt reactor protection and remote breaker-failure relaying.

The AMETEK Power Instruments’ Universal Power Line Carrier (UPLC-II) can be applied on HV or EHV transmission lines with lengths over 300 kilometers (180 miles). Our technology can be used as the pilot channel equipment for transmission line relays as a primary channel, secondary channel, or backup to other channels such as fiber or digital PLC. Utilizing the UPLC-II allows the relay engineer control over the pilot channel.

The UPLC-II is fully microprocessor-controlled to provide automatic setting of the transmit output level and receiver sensitivity as well as monitoring of the AM channel and sequence of events recording. We made it fully configurable so you can control the frequency and software setting for On-Off or frequency-shift keyed (FSK) without changing any of the existing hardware components. The simple-to-use web interface allows the user to login from any device with their credentials and view the status of the unit. This flexibility makes each of our UPLC-IIs universally suited for any directional comparison blocking, permissive, phase comparison or transfer trip protective relay application.

We’ve made installing and maintaining your UPLC-II even easier with self-calibration. We were the first to innovate this technology that allows both the transmitter and receiver to self-calibrate, and we display the accurate measurements for the transmitter output and the received signal level on the front of the UPLC-II and on the web interface.

If you’d like to learn more about the UPLC-II, please visit our product page or contact us today.


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