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Capture Alarms with 1 Millisecond Precision

Tuesday, January 4, 2022
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Are you responsible for monitoring your application, ensuring critical alarms are captured and analyzing the event data to discover the root cause of the alarms? The SERNET can make these tasks easier with its ability to capture alarms to 1 millisecond (msec) precision across the entire system.

Monitoring Your Application

SERNET is ideal for monitoring critical alarms in substation switchgear, transformers, turbines, boilers, pumps, motors, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, HVAC, building security and much more. Each SERNET can work as a stand-alone system monitoring up to 48 digital inputs or multiple units can be networked together to form a larger system with all events consolidated in one chronological list as they occur. A single WEB browser screen can display alarms from multiple units, making it easy to see the interactions between different equipment and processes. This flexibility allows you to analyze the alarms across an entire site or even multiple sites giving you a ‘big picture’ view.

Ensuring Critical Alarms Are Captured

Critical alarms are captured with 1 msec precision across the entire system in the sequence they occur. The SERNET can then transmit each alarm as it occurs with Modbus, DNP and IEC61850 protocols. Additionally, it can receive alarms from IEC61850 compatible devices with the option to time stamps events via GOOSE message or at the unit. It meets NERC SER requirements, and for added reliability, the SERNET can be supplied with a dual redundant hot-swappable power supply.

Analyzing Event Data

Each unit can store 40,000 events in its memory for long-term data storage. The WEB browser allows you to view alarms in chronological order or utilize the sort and filter functions to help with root cause analysis. From the browser, you’re able to download the events into a CSV format. Ensure you never miss an event by enabling email notifications or SNMP for network management.

If you’d like to discover more on the SERNET, view our product details or contact us.


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