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Helping You Achieve Your 2023 Goals

As 2023 approaches, you may be sitting down to think about both your personal and professional goals. Your professional goals may include attending training on your systems, spear heading a large project or integrating better tools to help your business have a successful year. AMETEK Power Instruments wants to be your partner in achieving the goals you set out to accomplish in 2023.

How can we help you do this?

Real-time Feedback for Critical Utility Infrastructure

We have been the global industry leader for instrument and monitoring systems for the electric power generation and distribution industries for more than 50 years. We can take the worry out of your critical utility asset monitoring by providing you digital fault recorders, revenue meters, power line carriers and accessories, annunciators and more. Our world-wide sales network is always ready to help you achieve your goal of installing reliable equipment that is tailored to your unique specifications.

Service and Support for Your Products

Have you been meaning to spend more time with a system your facility already has installed? Now is the time to make a resolution to get the help you need from our trained staff. We are dedicated to supporting your product for its entire lifecycle and can offer everything from localized assistance to factory support.

If you aspire to become the resident expert on your equipment, we can provide you hands-on factory or on-site training, web-based training or customize a program specific to your needs. Are you struggling with your Universal Power Line Carrier (UPLC-II)? Mark your calendar for our PLC Users Group meeting in March. Here you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in the field and learn about your PLC equipment from our experts.

Have a goal to make sure your software and firmware is up to date? We can assist! Check out our latest releases

Need help with product installation, commissioning or upgrading? Our team is able to provide everything from the start-up and acceptance of your new equipment to upgrading or even retrofitting an old unit.

Have you been meaning to make sure you have spare parts or the product manual on hand? Don’t let another year go by without them. Find your spare parts or request your manual now.

Whatever your 2023 goals may be, we are here to help provide the products and continued support you need to be successful year after year. Contact us today to learn more about our products or receive support on your existing systems.


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